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Kissing School Book Review 
by Angela Earle

Since any of us may die at any moment, learning to love more fully sounds like the most important, and most urgent, class to take. So opens Kissing School: Seven Lessons on Love, Lips, and Life Force. This is not a book about technique…


One plus One Equals One

We cultivate intimacy by letting down the walls between what seems to be inside of us and what seems to be outside, between what seems to be a separate You and a separate Me. The quantum sciences…


Hungry Ghosts

When kisses deliver no emotion, no resonance, no presence, you’re left wanting—maybe subtly, maybe deeply. When there is a flatness to your beloved’s gaze and a vacancy in their response, you get hurt in a profound way; you have a sense of being entirely missed. You’re left hungry…


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The true gift of on-line dating is the quality of focus, clarity and intention that’s required to be successful in manifesting our dreams. Most people initially go on-line with very little clarity about what they truly desire in a relationship, and the responses they receive will always…


The Art of Kissing - Military Wives’ Magazine

When you kiss your spouse, do you peck them on the cheek? Twist tongues? Exchange spit? Press your lips against each others’ until it feels done?

If that’s all you think kissing is, then…

The ABCs of Kissing Technique

Bottom Line/Personal interviewed Cherie Byrd, a holistic psychotherapist based in Seattle. She teaches internationally, The Art and Energy of Intimacy, i.e. Kissing School, and the Spirit of Sex and has appeared on the Today show, The Early Show, NBC Evening Magazine and Fox Current Affair. She is author of Kissing School (Sasquatch)….


Spend a Few Minutes Kissing Every Day 

Chapter from the book, Eat Chocolate Naked© by Camae Johnson

What happens to kissing? One minute, it’s the most exciting thing in our lives, the best and most passionate way to get close to our new lover. The next minute, it’s relegated to a few perfunctory pecks we give each other in the brief moments immediately preceding sex. What happens to kissing? Why does it get so unfairly demoted, and why do so many people believe it would take a miracle to revive real, passionate kissing in our relationships?

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Japan Sonata TV, Kissing for Health

Private Kissing School session filmed for Japanese TV, Sonata show exploring the effects of kissing on health and well-being.