Kissing School - One plus One Equals One


Excerpt from Kissing School, 7 Lessons on Love, Lips and Life Force by Cherie Byrd

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We cultivate intimacy by letting down the walls between what seems to be inside of us and what seems to be outside, between what seems to be a separate You and a separate Me.

The quantum sciences have established quite clearly that no real boundaries exist between anyone or anything on this planet, and yet we humans seem to feel the need to draw lines in our minds and in our hearts and in the sand. This practice of dividing keeps us wrestling with conflicting feelings about being separate—feeling safer within our crystallized self, even while other parts of us are feeling compelled by a deep urge to merge.

When you are busy doing life, you separate yourself from your experience and create the tensions of a fundamental disconnect. If you shift to a living of life rather than a doing of life, you will find a greater sense of ease within yourself. This attitudinal difference creates a shift in the quality of your attention; you are weaving yourself and your life together. In this embrace of your life, you will be receiving energy back from life rather than pouring your energy into a black hole. You will be nourished, and several layers of stress will simply melt away, allowing you to feel more deeply the joy that is at the heart of your Being.