Kissing School - Hungry Ghosts


Excerpt from Kissing School, 7 Lessons on Love, Lips and Life Force by Cherie Byrd

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 Hungry Ghosts pg 33

When kisses deliver no emotion, no resonance, no presence, you’re left wanting—maybe subtly, maybe deeply. When there is a flatness to your beloved’s gaze and a vacancy in their response, you get hurt in a profound way; you have a sense of being entirely missed. You’re left hungry for the connection that did not happen, for that flow of shared energetic juice. You didn’t share and didn’t receive those life-giving nutrients, “Vitamin M” and Vitamin F”, masculine and feminine sexual energy. When your encounters lack intimacy, you become nutrient starved, and your experiences leave you haunted by nagging hungry ghosts.


Hungry lovers often sublimate their primary longing for love and look elsewhere in life for something that promises to fill the inner void. Almost everything has been tried: eating chocolate, endless money chasing, buying more stuff, smoking, and the pseudo-spirit found in bottles. Hungry lovers are looking for something they cannot resist, to which they can surrender themselves fully and thereby experience fullness. But they are not easily fooled: even if they do not know the full depth of satisfaction possible in luscious, genuine loving, they recognize the emptiness of artificial love substitutes.


Deep, resonant intimacy comes from a genuine, Here-and-Now sharing of embodied energy—sensual, heartful stuff. Surrendering to this juicy, warm, sweet nourishment can break you free from the chaos on the surface of life, and pull you closer and closer to the strong, open love zone of your essential Self. As we open up, we develop the opportunity to become intimate with life everywhere, as vulnerable, open, feeling beings. Be an embodied, present lover, do artful sharing of your heart and soul, and you’ll naturally have intimacy. Instead of the do, love, be routine, adopt a be, do, have approach: engage your inner self first. It all begins with being who you fully are.



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