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A One-Day Playshop for Couples, is coming to Port Townsend, WA!
Saturday, July 27th 10am-5:30pm

Almost everyone asks, why did you create Kissing School?

It was late 1997, and I was sitting at a crossroads. I could feel that an expansion of some sort was in the works for my two-decade holistic therapy practice. You know those times, every long while, when the threads of your life weave themselves into a new tapestry…

One loose thread was that I was keenly aware that so many of the couples I’d worked with over the years had so very few tools for cultivating intimacy. Our society has such a small awareness of the deep, rich, fertile ground that well-engaged hearts share. It’s almost impossible to experience something you don’t know exists. We’re not so open that new possibilities can readily fall in. So I asked myself, what was something I could teach them that would open them to experiences of luscious communion?


Whether you’re dating, in the midst of making a family, single or facing an empty nest, gift yourselves with the connections and skills that transform your love life, for now and forever. 

The masterful, fully-embodied kiss restores energy, ignites our hearts, cultivates profound closeness, and nourishes a fulfilling, loving relationship. 

Intimacy is an art. Is it time to hone your technique?

A soulful kiss triggers endorphins and oxytocin, the hormones of connection and passion. It melts away tension and brings us sweetly back to the moment. 

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One-day playshops for couples

Kissing School Playshops are about the communion of heart and soul delivered in the gaze, the touch, the breath, & the kiss.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level, to deepen your intimacy and passion?

Are you hungering to experience  rich, resonant communication, heart & soul, yours and theirs?

It may be time to remember what you knew when you were young, or to transcend your fears, or risk letting go of what you have experienced along the path of passionate connection.

Come and explore the embodied, present, connected rush of the Kiss Sublime.

A One-Day Playshop for Couples, is coming July 27th, 2019 (10am-5:30pm) to The Unity Center for Spiritual Enrichment, in Port Townsend, WA! Contact me for more info, or register now!

Private class for couples

Invite your beloved into a day of intimacy training that is tailored to meet your unique challenges and desires for experiencing a richer, deeper connection.

You can choose the length of class you would like, anywhere from three to six hours. The trainings are experiential. You’ll be practicing Tantric energy mastery exercises together, building presence, opening to a rich sense of wholeness, and cultivating the ability to share this passionate resonance in the kiss.

Contact Me, to schedule a Private Class For Couples.

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Private class for single, with surrogate

There are times in our lives, when we are not partnered, yet yearn to be a masterful kisser. Cherie trains energy savvy and heart-full kissers, to support you in learning and experiencing the nuances of the skillful kiss.

If you are single, and wish to attend a Group Playshop, bring along a friend. They will be forever grateful.

Contact Me, to schedule a Private Class For Singles, with Surrogate.