Embodied Soul Therapies

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What, why & who

Embodied Soul Energy Therapy is dedicated to all who are on a journey of self-discovery and are committed to facilitating the ongoing expansion of human consciousness through spiritual growth.


Over the years, I have drawn a wide range of clients who generally are very sensitive, creative, and mystically oriented. I practice a very participatory healing dynamic, engaging folk deeply in their process. As a holistic healer, we work on the fullness of who they are.

Clients who work with me are often seeking a wide and integrative realm of what heals. It has always been clear to me that our wholeness is best engaged as a system, an eco-system of Self, every aspect affecting the whole. We can open to our wholeness while following any aspect of healing and self-development that engages us. 

  • There are times when intimacy is the focus, in both our relationship with self and with others.

  • Physical issues may need release from traumas, possibly even ones incurred in other lifetimes; as well as some hands-on restructuring of the energy distortions.

  • Working with the powerful frequencies of our emotions is an often overlooked aspect of our training and offers so much flavor, satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Energy mastery is a focus for many, as learning to embody and orchestrate our energy fields is an empowering skill set for every facet of life.

  • Honoring and accessing our intuition, bypassing the linear mind and moving into direct knowing gives us a unitive access to our brilliance and inner guidance.

  • Spiritual awakening and engaging the high frequency energetics of embodying the Soul/Higher Self is deep mastery for many in these transformational times. This work may include esoteric skills such as managing Kundalini Awakenings, integrating expanded states of consciousness and mystical merging.


In-Person Session Descriptions

 I have a co-creative interaction with my clients, I call it Participatory Healing. Our combined conscious participation has, as a natural outcome, an empowerment quality.

There are a few session options:

Embodied Healing

•       One is called Embodiment Work or Embodied Healing, and is a hands-on engagement of body/heart/mind and spirit. We’ll be releasing blocks that live in your tissues, opening gateways, aligning the subtle energy bodies, grounding and plugging in our circuits. We’ll make empowerment available, generate coherence and embody the presence of our natural well-being.

These sessions usually last 90 to 120 minutes

Embodied Soul-Hypnosis

•       Choice two is called Embodied Soul-Hypnosis. This is a two-part session beginning with the depth of embodiment work (see above) necessary to generate the necessary coherence and energetic frequencies for accessing direct communication with your deeper Self, Soul, Holy Spirit.

Secondly you will ask your questions and then align with your Knowing. These practices not only assist you with gaining insight and healing from within, they also build bridges of communication that can be accessed more and more fully as you learn to establish inner coherence and embody high-frequency energy.

This session is usually 120 min, maybe longer.

Intimacy Coaching

•       Choice three is called Intimacy Coaching. Ever feel that you and yours could be connecting more deeply, opening more passionately, or soaring a little higher? Cherie has been offering training and mentoring in conscious relationship building since the 80’s. Her holistic range of expertise assures that your growth will be a fully embodied experience, tailored to your challenges, desires and nature.

Couples or individuals. In person, phone or skype.

Port Townsend WA, by appointment

If you feel called to enrich your experience of well-being and you feel I may be of assistance, use the contact page, include your phone number and we’ll begin the healing conversation.